We Still Live In The Past, Women’s Rights? Women’s What?

I need to be concentrating on how to be thrifty and smart and make some extra dosh to survive but instead I’m wrecked by my Illness and all that’s going on around me.

It really does all happen at once, the rain has been pouring for a while on my family and I just hope we are due sunshine soon. If these life challenges were to prove resilience I think we passed. We good now thank you!

I’m not sitting waiting on life justice but I just hope the tides turn. It got me thinking about the injustice some of us have experience in our lives. So many, some that cost lives.

You can get stuck on them and think it’s not fair it could have been so different. But that could be the cause for many situations.

What’s sticking in my head is the corruption in the hospital & legal system in an area ( not taking away from the amazing doctors, nurses etc that work their ass off for us). It comes from a higher power, and women’s injustice. Especially in sexual attacks.

Not much has changed in the last few decades. Yes we can report and look for justice in the legal system but it ends up with more trauma, court, invasive evidence and been treated like the criminal not the survivor. By the legal system, friends, family strangers, “What were you wearing?” “Were you drunk?” “Did you lead him on?” “You liked him though?” “He’s a catch you should be delighted!” “Was it unwanted though?” “Did you say no?”. Of course I said No! Even if I was drunk and naked it gives no right for a man to decide I want to have sex with him! That is and always will be my choice. The situations that these happen under are so much more in depth and traumatizing then you could imagine so please don’t brush it off as if it was a bad date for the person.

Some people have to see their attackers in real life regularly, some see them every time they close their eyes. I don’t know what happens for the attackers but for us, the survivor, we lose a piece of ourselves, a piece that we’ll never get back. The reactions to this are many, and different for each person and that’s okay. None of us have been trained in how to deal with this kind of situation emotionally, neither have the people around us and that’s hard to remember sometimes.

Let me just say, Survivors & Fighters, Not Victims. We may not receive legal justice but we will fight until someday we do.


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