Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness But It Sure Helps!

I’ve been MIA for a bit. New meds kicking my ass. Situations have happened and got me thinking again about the future.

Trying to find your way, career to get to your desired future is a scary path. It’s filled with payday to payday jobs, questioning choices, rejection, with glimmers of hope sprinkled in between.

I have come to the point, where I’m sure many are at or have been, that enough is enough. We’ve worked hard and keep doing so we deserve to live with food in the fridge every week. I want more. Not in a selfish way in a self deserving way. I don’t expect anything to be handed but when your running on the same spot money wise for as long as you can remember it can become overwhelming. It doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure helps. To have the roof over your head, clothes on your back that aren’t 6 years old, food a bit of walk around money?! Oil when it’s cold?! Cash for petrol?! How dare we consider that. I know people have it alot worse. I am very aware. I’m just having a First World Rant.

This has led to not wanting to except bad wages anymore which means a big change. A change that isn’t easily made. For some reason the more experience you have the less desirable you can appear. You may cost too much!

A living wage. That’s what I think most of us are after. I work for a small business owner right now and I would never put them under the strain to raise my wages. This country is making it expensive enough for them to live. It’s a contradiction in a way maybe.
But if you can pay then you should. You should not be hiring people for less than minimum wage, or crazy hours for awful money or as an apprentice and work them like a dog for €50 extra a week! Ethics and Morals it comes down to I suppose.

The thoughts are racing, how to turn what you love into a viable career?
How to find one working for someone else?
Take a break for a while?
Start a family? That’s a whole other question!
Oh the head, what a place to live! Where’s the Exit?


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