They’ve Gone To The Plastic Side

Have you ever lost a close friend? Not in a tragic way or an argument. But lost the person they were? A stranger to you almost now? Conversations you can’t get interested in, drastic changes in interests, so many things. People grow and change I know but sometimes It’s into the person they thought they would never be. 

When your friends with someone so long you grow up together and experience life and turn into the person you are today. It’s the experiences that change us or strengthen us and we all go down different roads.

It’s just heart-breaking to see someone you love turn into everything you and the people that love them can’t stand. Maybe they feel the same way towards us, it can happen we are all human.

I hold this faint light in the hopes that they will come back to it and live the life they dreamed of and not a life to please others. Maybe I need to blow this light out, It can’t be healthy. I just never want them to be in the darkness because no matter how much they’ve changed and hurt people in the process they still hold a place in your heart and maybe always will no matter how hard you try to “escape”.

A strength or a weakness I do not know.

Friendship is a road that is bumpy, unpredictable and emotionally draining. But it is also rewarding, amazing and loving. The pro’s outweigh the con’s in friendship. You need your people ❤ It's just figuring out who's worth it.


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