Mwah Mua

Plaster that face, put on the fake tan.
Your nearly ready for a man.
Lashes, extensions contouring too.

I look fierce, but I cannot move.
All the girls keep looking, but my dress is too tight.
Pretending to have fun, while making sure everything stays right.

Tits, Lips, Ass, Belly, Flab. Suck it in stick it out,
Ready for any photo op.

You Say: “Your Jealous Get over it, Grow up!”.
“This Is My Crown To Wear”.

That’s truer for you then it is for me.

But this isn’t you?
Under all this i know your still there, the person that cared.

We miss you.
Come back.
Please don’t keep that pack.

It will not last forever, neither will your looks.

Make sure your happy with the reflection in the photo that you just took.


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