What To Do!?

In continuation from the thoughts of last night I have been researching my ass off again. I even sent off some competition entries in the post just incase. If your not in you can’t win! haha.

I don’t know if researching helps or overwhelms sometimes. You feel like your getting somewhere, your excited. Apply for that job, loan, favor. But nada, not a thing! It’s very disheartening you go back to rethinking what you were SO sure about for so long.

The hardest part isn’t the rejection, It’s deciding. Not to echo last night but, What is my career going to be?

This has been consuming me. I don’t want a mansion, a personal chef or anything along those lines. I just want what most do, a bit of disposable income and your bills paid. 
To get up in the morning and look forward to your day of work. To find your path, what your meant to do. It’s not asking alot money wise but I think it is in the real world. Too many things would have to go right.

Does it find you? Maybe in ways. Alot of hard work and years go into figuring it out, Some people have to find it. It can drive you mad if you dwell on it, I think that’s what’s happening to me =P

Take the leap, make the decision, don’t look back. It’s even hard to type. I’ve done it before but this jump will be my biggest, the one with no safety net at all. I’m finally done working for others.

Oh the anxiety is real!!

If anyone has found the remedy to this, please share with us! I would love to have light on the situation, wouldn’t we all I suppose!


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