Finding Perspective

My mind has been consumed by so many things that have been going on. Things that felt like the end of the world. I’ve been down, riddled with Anxiety, not sleeping or eating. Then illness started to meet my family once again. Everything was put into perspective.

These worries that revolve around money mean nothing. Yes you need money to survive, wouldn’t it be great to survive on air, but you also have to do what you want with your life because it is so short and unexpected. Not one minute is guaranteed. Yeah you might have to work that shitty job for a bit or put up with noodles for dinner for a month but know your goal and that It’s for your future, for a short time not a long time because It won’t be handed to you. Now is the moment.

I look and I think these people are invincible because they have been strong for so long. But it hit me hard today, their not. They are human just like you or I.
It made me think about everything, the worries, the plans, the now, the future, the past.
Spiraling to say the least.

A candle lights for each of them every night and I know they will get through this.
Just know I love ye all with every beat of my heart and we would take this from ye if we could ❤


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