Thought Of The Night

It’s 5.11am right now with no sign of sleep in sight. All day I have been on edge, sleepy, cranky, anxious, down and the rest. I don’t know if the thoughts I’m having right now are brilliant or insane because I’m sleep deprived. Do your best thoughts come to you on these nights? The nights were the demons are sleeping but the Sandman forgot to visit you.
It got me thinking about this blog. How no matter if 1 person see’s it, I’m sharing personal things. It made my stomach flip. I then realized this is a safe outlet. Where we are all sharing something. A form of therapy for some, maybe me.

I look at other pieces and the literature is amazing. The opinions are so well put across.
Images are created so vivid in your mind. I hope one day I can write like that. Practice makes perfect, and if my genre is mental health then I need not compare myself to others and do me. They cover over topics/issues you cover what you need to.

This is a bit of a rant, maybe after 5am wordpress should be off limits =P


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