Trying To Explain Anxiety

It will always be near impossible to explain Anxiety to an individual who does not experience it. Lately however I have been toying with a simple analogy.

We’ve all woken up after a night of drinking with, ‘The Fear’ right?
When you want to move country, go back in time, disappear because WHAT?!?! did you do/say last night?

Your hungry but you can’t eat.
Your thirsty but you can’t drink.
You want to shower & change but you can’t get up.
Your tired but you can’t sleep.
Your sad but you can’t cry so you end up crying when your not ‘meant’ to.
Your lonely but you won’t reach out to anyone.
Your frustrated but you won’t speak out.
Your paranoid but you’ve done nothing wrong.
Your scared but there is nothing to be scared of.
You are consumed with guilt & shame for no reason.
The list is endless, you get the point.

Now multiply this by about 50, everyday without drink, with drink off the charts, forget about it.
Imagine having the worst ‘Fear’ you have ever had every day even for just a week.
That’s what we live with everyday and will live with forever.
There is no magic cure just self management and awareness.

So next time before you tell us whats freaking us out is trivial, silly or never going to happen.
Put yourself in the middle of your worst fear for a second, just one second.
Maybe then you might understand just that bit more what we need, because Honey we know we are crazy at times and we don’t need to be reminded of that =P


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