My Regret Is You

You took a piece of me, a piece that I will never get back.
You’ve forgotten about me,
But I will never forget you and that night.

I should have gotten you locked up and thrown away the key, so the only damage done would have been to me.

Your still out there roaming free, not a chip on your shoulder about what you’ve done to me.

Young, stupid & so naive.

I can’t smell you or see your face as clearly anymore.
However I can still feel you, feel when it started to go wrong, feel the dread, feel the fear, physically feel you on me, inside me.

The flashbacks still have the same intensity no matter how muddled your face gets in my mind.

You have forgotten about me.
Unfortunately you will live with me for my eternity.

You won’t overpower me again.
I won’t let you.
I’m stronger now, smarter.
I doubt you even know how much you stole from me.
You stole so many parts of me that I’m afraid I will never be me again.

Justice won’t be done.
I have accepted that part at least.
Another girl, women or man falling for your trap again I have not.

What you tore from me will never return. I live my life with this  memory to forever burning. With the regrets that urn.

Why didn’t I listen to mom? Why do I want to learn these lessons “my way”, the “hard way” Well I’ll tell you something, the hard way stops you from making that mistake again. There’s only so much of you that can be taken away until your nothing but a small glimmering light of yourself gasping for air.


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